Cradled between hills and rivers

Planning Advisory Committee

The Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) must assist the municipal council on the follow-up of its urban planning policy.

It is in charge of examining and researching files, and submitting any recommendations on all questions pertaining to urban planning, zoning, advertisement signs, site plan, and architectural integration, pathways of integrated development plan, minor exemptions, subdivisions and construction, that council will submit.

The Committee must give an opinion on any request for minor exemption, any site plan, and architectural integration and any overall plan in accordance with the planning by-law. 

It must report any observations and recommendations to the municipal Council, in view of  the development and the most rational use of the municipality’s territory.

The Committee is in charge of studying project by-laws and reports to council.

It studies the contents of the development plan and the urban planning by-laws, while considering the municipal needs, the evolution, the MRC’s development program and also suggests any consequent modifications or additional draft by-laws if applicable.

The recommendations, studies and opinions of the committee are given to the municipal Council in the form of minutes, bearing the signatures of the Committee’s president and secretary.