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Frequently asked questions

Q : What is the cost of a permit ?

A : We ask that you refer to the by-law no. 02-15 on the "Price setting of municipal permits and certificates" which lists the various types of permits and the associated cost.

Q : Is a permit necessary for the construction of a shed or an accessory/subordinate building measuring less than 10' x 10' (or 100 sq.ft.) ?

A : Yes, you must apply for the permit through the Urban planning department before the construction begins.  (The form is also available on-line.  Please click here to access it.)

Q : Can I forward the documents and the application to you by fax, e-mail or regular mail ?

A : Yes, but one must especially not forget to include their telephone number, mailing address and e-mail.

Q : Is a permit necessary when installing a pool ?

A : Yes.  Please bear in mind that several things must be taken into account, among others, certain margins must be considered.  The by-law no. 01-08 "concerning the installation of private pools and their safety" will guide you.  Please click here to access this by-law.

Q : What is considered as a nuisance ?

A : Please refer to by-law no. 20-13 "concerning nuisances on the territory of the Municipality of Pontiac".