Cradled between hills and rivers

Purchasing a property

Prior to purchasing a building lot or an existing home, we recommend that you contact the Urban Planning department of the Municipality of Pontiac to obtain all of the relevant information for this property. For example:

  • Does the zoning support the proposed use of the property?
  • Does the surface area of the property meet the current standards?
  • Are there any physical constraints such as a landslide zone, marshes, waterways, a railroad or highway that could hinder or prevent construction?
  • Has a subdivision permit ever been issued for the lot in question?
  • Is the lot part of a municipally approved subdivision?
  • Does the property in question have proper access to a municipal or private road?
  • Is there a compliant septic system on the property? If not, is it possible to build one? (This is determined by an engineer or a technologist)
  • If a building already exists, will it comply with the use intended?

It is impossible to guarantee approval of a building permit until an application has been submitted and all of the requirements have been met.

A building permit is issued within 60 days following the receipt of all documentation required by the Municipality.

This information should not be interpreted without consulting our urban planning department.

Note:   Access to all documents pertaining to the property that is in the Municipality’s files is provided only if a written permission from the vendor allows it, if not, certain documents eg. surveyors plans, building plans etc. would not be accessible, as provided for by the Act respecting Access to documents held by public bodies and the Protection of personal information.