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Your tax payment

As you may already know your municipal taxes are payable via Internet through the following financial institutions:

- Scotia Bank
- National Bank
- Caisse Populaire Desjardins in Québec and Ontario
- Bank of Montreal
- Royal Bank of Canada
- TD Bank
- CIBC (Bank of Commerce)


If you’re paying via Internet, in order to ensure that your payment reaches us, you must include the numbers 82030 followed by the letter F, and your roll number which is comprised of 10 digits, for a total of 16 spaces.  Thank you.


It is very important to inscribe on the back of your cheque, the number of your invoice, the roll number or the address of the property for which you are sending a payment.

In addition, when moving, it is important that you inform us of your new address as soon as possible.


To avoid any additional fees of 13% (interest) and 5% (penalties), please keep in mind the deadlines for paying municipal taxes:

March 1st, June 1st, October 1st, 2015