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Frequently asked questions

Q : What is the rate for land transfer taxes (when purchasing a property)

A : The rate is calculated on the greater amount, of either the land taxes or the sale price of the property.  The following is an example :

Property evaluation or sale price        Rate

$0 to $50,000                                  0.5 %
$50,000 to $250,000                        1.0 %
$250,000 and over                           1.5%

Rates are invoiced according to the Act respecting duties on transfers of immoveables (known as the welcome tax).  For more details, you may consult the « Publications du Québec » website by clicking here.  NOTE :  This website does not offer the translated text.


Q : What are the terms for the payment of taxes ?

A : a) all tax invoices to which the total does not exceed $300.00 must be paid in one instalment on March 1st .

b) all tax or compensation invoices to which the total is or exceeds $300.00, the debtor has the right to pay the invoice in one or three instalments as follows :

Three equal instalments :

- The first instalment must be paid by March 1st .
- The second instalment must be paid by June 1st .
- The third instalment must be paid by October 1st .

All accounts owing to the municipality bear interest at a rate of THIRTEEN PERCENT (13%) per annum from the deadline at which they must be paid.  However, only outstanding amounts on each instalment required bear interest.


Q : Are there any fees for requesting a confirmation of taxes ?

A : Yes, a $10 fee for the confirmation of taxes is invoiced to notaries and real estate brokers who request them and must be received in writing.