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Survey on composting




Organic materials account for approximately half of the landfilled waste.

In order to reduce greenhouse gases, the Quebec government is asking municipalities to start composting.  The Quebec government’s target is ambitious: to eliminate organic materials from landfills (green waste, table scraps, soiled cardboard, etc.) over the next three years.  Municipalities that fail to comply, risk losing their subsidies for waste disposal.

In short:  We must get to it, especially since recovering putrescible materials means that less waste is sent to landfills and all taxpayers benefit from it.

We are faced with two options:  home composting or a door-to-door collection.


Home composting

Door-to-door collection

The issue is straightforward:
home composting is much less costly than the door-to-door collection:  but in 3 years, if the target imposed by the Quebec government is not met, the Municipality could be forced to establish the door-to-door collection after all.  Regardless of which option is chosen, the citizens’ collaboration is essential.


The survey consists of 12 questions.


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Once the questionnaire has been completed, please return it by mail to the Town Hall (2024 Highway 148, Pontiac, Quebec, J0X 2G0).


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