Cradled between hills and rivers

Work carried out in 2017

The public works department is pleased to present some of the work that was carried out in 2017:


  • Repairs to de la Montagne Road - phase 2 (subcontractor)


  • Participation in the emergency and recovery measures related to the flood of the century this past spring






  • Launch of the community centre project in Quyon (subcontractor)


  • Participation in the follow-up and recovery measures after the floods in October


  • Pruning/brush-cutting along Hammond, Proven, Beaudoin roads, as well as the 5th and 6th Concessions and Steele Line


  • Replacement and oversizing of a dozen strategic culverts


  • Targeted interventions on a dozen problematic ditches (eg. hill on Farrell rd.)


  • Preparatory work for paving - Lusk project (subcontractor)


  • Repairs to the roof at the Town Hall (subcontractor)