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Procedure to municipalize a road

Articles 66 and 67 of the Municipal Powers Act (1005, c.6) gives municipalities the power to regulate with respect to transportation and roads.

The Council of the Municipality of Pontiac adopted by-law #01-07 stipulating the conditions to municipalize a road.

No new road may be municipalized to then have the Municipality take care of its maintenance, if it does not meet the conditions prescribed by the Municipality, notably by the provisions of the sub-division by-law no. 178-01, as well as those set in by-law #01-07.

However, a private road that derogates from any provision in article 3 (documents to be submitted by the assignor) or article 6 (conditions for building a road to be municipalized) of the present by-law, could nevertheless be municipalized if all of the prescribed conditions are met.  (Please refer to by-law 01-07 for more details).