Cradled between hills and rivers

Municipal roads

The road network consists of roads and highways allowing transportation by road vehicle, in particular motorized vehicles (automobiles, motorcycles, motor coaches, heavy trucks, etc.…).

The road network on our territory is vast and borders the city of Gatineau to the East (Terry-Fox road), the Municipality of Bristol to the West (Gold Mine road) and the Municipality of La Pêche to the North (Gauvin road).

The Quebec Ministry of Transport roads are the main routes that criss-cross through our vast province.  Comprised of a network of 20,000 kilometers of roads, which are mainly situated in the southern part of the province, those in the Municipality of Pontiac that fall under their responsibility include:

  • Egan Street (village of Quyon)
  • Route 148
  • Lac-des-Loups road (North of the village of Quyon)