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Fédération représentant les associations de propriétaires de Pontiac (FRAPP)

To the Presidents of « tolerance roads » Associations
and members of FRAPP

The FRAPP executive committee has met on a few occasions since the last annual meeting in October in order to report on the progress of various subjects that were previously presented to the elected representatives of the Municipality of Pontiac.

One of the subjects being the Municipality of Pontiac taking over the responsibility of servicing the tolerance roads for the associations who request this directly to the municipality.  In order to move forward in this file, the executive committee would like to know what the associations’ and residents’ interests are in meeting the municipal Council to find out what the ins and outs are for the municipality to take over the responsibility of the “tolerance roads” and afterwards, submit the residents’ requests, if they so desire.

Please express your interest by writing to the FRAPP President, Marie-Eve Coupal laurence_place@hotmail.com no later than July 31st.



Posted on June 10th 2015

Rev'd Mar.2016


FRAPP is a non-profit organization that was created to meet the requirements under the municipality of Pontiac by-law no. 03-10.  The member associations receive an annual grant for the regular maintenance of their roads known as “tolerance roads” and may also be eligible to obtain a budget in view of financing special projects.

From now on, Mrs. Colette Dubois, FRAPP treasurer, will be the person to contact when you need to relay any changes pertaining to members of your executive committee.

(Source: FRAPP)

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