Cradled between hills and rivers

Land occupied as roads - by tolerance of the owner

On the Municipality of Pontiac’s territory certain properties or passage ways are being used as roads simply by tolerance from the owners or occupants.

The majority of taxpayers concerned by certain roads submitted a request in order that the Municipality pay for certain expenses for the maintenance work required to the said road, as prescribed in article 70 of the Municipal Powers Act.

Council deemed it appropriate to follow-up on its taxpayers request and adopted by-law # 03-10 to that effect.

To form a property owners association, you must enquire with the Municipality’s Urban Planning Department to find out what the procedures are.

The property owners associations must also become members of the Fédération représentant des associations de propriétaires de Pontiac (FRAPP).  This organization’s mandate is to promote and support the creation of homeowners’ associations in the Municipality of Pontiac.

The municipal council adopted a bylaw pertaining to assuming the responsibility for tolerance roads. (see below)

Posted Sept. 13, 2017