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By-laws - Urban planning department

The master plan, that is by-law no. 175-01, as well as by-law no. 176-01 on administration and interpretation, the zoning by-law no. 177-01, the subdivision by-law no. 178-01 and the building by-law no. 179-01 that you will find in this section, are the main by-laws used by the urban planning department in order to administer and manage all requests regarding  zoning, sudivisions, construction, etc.

Please note that various provisions of these by-laws have been modified by the municipal council through the adoption of other by-laws.

In each of the pertinent sections herein, we have listed the by-laws that modify the said main by-laws.

For more details reflecting your specific needs and to be well informed, we urge you to contact the urban planning department.


(Sorry, translation of by-laws 175-01, 176-01, 177-01,178-01 and 179-01 is not available)


Master Plan (175-01)


Administration and interpretation of the planning (176-01)

Zoning by-law (177-01)



Subdivision by-law (178-01)



Building by-law #179-01

(Note:  It is important that you consult with our Planning Department for more information)