Cradled between hills and rivers


Addition to the program:

ASTRO PONTIAC - Solar observing session
on Sunday, Oct. 13th between 10am and 2pm


Exhibitors                Products

Le Pontiçois and La Ferme de la montagne

Farm products : Garlic, pork pepperette, lemonade, eggs, pork, beef and chicken

Ruby Couture

Cream and other products made with bees wax

Thérèse André

Acrylic paintings

Ferme Mouflon

Personal care products made with sheep milk and icelandic sheep's wool

Demeter Catering

Ready-to-eat foods

Val Wilkins

Handmade finger puppets

Claude Hallé

Québec garlic and Pontiac maple syrup

Valérie Ménard

Bath bomb, soaps, candles, gluten-free products, and more

Harry Miel
Nicole Belleau

Lip balm, creamy honey, honey mustard, cookies, candles

Pierre Croteau
Johanne Bizier

Wood products (cutting boards, utensils), sewing, knitting

Claude Boileau

Garlic and black garlic

Lysette Philippe and Cercle sociaux culturel

Sewing, jewlry, embroidery, cushion covers, aprons and more

Francine Picard and Françoise Viau

Decorative paintings on wood, metal, canvas

Nicole Zulliger
Lise Bélanger

(un sac pour la cause)

Textile items

Victoria Mestres-Laurin

Mosaics, cards, blankets


Coffee, desserts

Amandes de Mirabel

Nuts:  pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, etc.

James Enhart

ROHO care products, shea butter body cream, African soap

Louis-Philippe Bowie

Honey and wax

Pierre Sigouin

Wooden bowls, etc.

Evelyne Strong - Sempels Honey

Frabrics to cover food, honey, candles, bees wax, personal care products

Serge Sini

Garden vegetables

Muriel Morris

Chili, sandwiches, salad, pies

Ginette Turner and
Andréanne Trudeau