Cradled between hills and rivers

Boat ramps

Given the Municipality’s exceptional geographic location, it allows us to benefit from various sports and recreational activities.

The Ottawa River, which is quite a large water course that runs along our Mmunicipality flowing from the West to the East, is accessible to boaters.  A boat launch can be found at the end of Ferry road in the village of Quyon and public docks maintained by the Municipality are in close proximity.

It offers access to more than 40km of the beautiful Ottawa River, between the Chats Falls Generating station and the Dechênes rapids.  This section of the river is a very popular one for sailing and fishing.

Executive summary of the study on the costs and opportunities related to the installation of a boat launching ramp

Prepared by Argus Environnement

The lack of access to the water and the need for accessibility to it, requested by the public, has been recognized by the provincial government and the users of water resources, including the Quebec Federation of Anglers and Hunters, Quebec watershed organizations and, for the Pontiac region, the MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais, the Agence de bassin versant des 7 and the Municipality of Pontiac.  Here in Pontiac, the Municipality received citizens’ requests for a second boat launching ramp for motorized boats in the eastern sector of the Municipality.  The present document is about the opportunities and costs related to the installation of a boat launching ramp for “fishing boats” in the east sector of the Municipality, according to recognized criteria and the standards to be complied with:  analysis of the potential sites; selection of a preferred site; description of the preferred site;  development concepts for the boat launching ramp; parking spaces and turning areas; cost estimates.

Three potential sites were defined based on public property and their accessibility via a public municipal road:  Terry-Fox Road, Sapinière Road and Tremblay Road.  These sites were analyzed according to technical, environmental and social criteria established for a boat launching ramp.  The site on Terry-Fox Road does not seem appropriate to install a boat launching ramp for technical and environmental reasons, as for the site on Sapinière Road, it is not appropriate for technical and environmental reasons.  For the site on Tremblay Road, there are no environmental or wildlife constraints, and it appears adequate on technical and social aspects.  This gives it the potential for development.

After analysis, there are three possibilities for the site on Tremblay Road with respect to parking on the North side:  along the road, on the road shoulder by channelling the ditch and on private property.  The turning area for launching can be situated near the Tourterelles Avenue and Tremblay Road junction, and once the boat is launched, the area for the vehicle with a trailer to turn toward the launching site can be situated at the end of Julie Road.  For the boat launching ramp, bathymetric surveys indicate a gradient of 2-3%, which does not correspond with the recognized slope criterion of about 12%.  To meet this criterion, the engineering concept must provide a boat ramp above grade in proximity to the shoreline.  The total estimated budget set for the project varies depending on the option selected for the parking.  The least costly option without a dock, is the one with parking on Tremblay road, estimated at $364,100.  The option with a dock is estimated at $408,600.  If we consider a concept that follows the river bed, the cost would then be reduced by approximately $66,000 without a dock, and by approximately $75,000 including a dock.

For the boat launching ramp project to become a reality, authorizations from the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Environment and Fight against Climate Change, and from the Department of Forests, Wildlife and Parks must first be obtained.  This requires preparing an application for authorization and a certificate of authorization, including the preparation of plans and specifications.  The Municipality must also apply for a lease of water property from the State, in order to do the work.  Lead time is approximately 6 months.

Posted Feb. 28, 2018