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Posted Feb. 7/19


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Home security program
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Posted Nov. 23/18





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February 7th, 2015, please click here.


 Posted Mar. 6th, 2015


The “DES COLLINES SENIORS’ ROUND TABLE” wishes to implement the PAIR program within the Municipality of Pontiac.  We are currently collecting names of people who would be interested in this service.

The PAIR program is an automated calling service that reaches senior citizens to ascertain their well-being.  Those who subscribe will receive a call at a predetermined hour, once or several times during the day.  If the subscriber does not answer, an alert is issued.  A verification is systematically engaged by those responsible for the system in order to verify if the subscriber is in distress.  Thanks to calls from PAIR, several people’s lives have been saved.  This service is provided free of charge.

For more information, contact Marie-Pierre Drolet, Coordinator for “Des Collines Seniors’ Round Table”: (819) 457-2121 ext. 241 or tabledesaines@gmail.com

Posted August 28, 2014





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