Bercée entre les rivières et les collines

Domestic animals

Please note that the maximum number of domestic animals per household in the Municipality of Pontiac is limited to 3.

For more details, please refer to the standardized by-law no. 13-RM-02 and its coming into effect.

By complying with this regulation, you will avoid unnecessary problems as well as any penalties, or having to be separated from your pet.

The Municipality has given the Outaouais SPCA a mandate to sell dog licenses.  You may purchase them at the SPCA situated at 132, rue de Varennes, Gatineau (Gatineau sector), or via Internet at www.spca-outaouais.org .

The licenses are renewable as of January 1st each year and they are also available at the Pontiac Town Hall.

If you require animal control services, the SPCA can be reached at (819) 243-2004 ext. 5, or at patrouille@spca-outaouais.org.