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Recruitment of volunteer firefighters

The Municipality of Pontiac is accepting applications for a position as volunteer firefighter.

Candidates must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • To be eligible to apply for a firefighter position, the candidate:
    • must be eighteen (18) years of age or older;
    • must have a valid drivers’ license;
    • to be eligible to drive the fire trucks, you must have a Class 4A drivers’ license;
    • must not have a criminal history that may have a direct link to the function occupied within the fire department, unless a pardon has been given or you are in the process of  receiving one from the responsible authorities;
    • will have gone through the interviews required by the Director;
    • the Director may also require that the candidate be deemed physically fit to become a firefighter, by a physician that is designated by the Municipality, if needed, following a physical exam;
    • must maintain the minimum physical condition required at all times to perform the work as a firefighter, and at the request of the Director, undergo a new medical examination as a confirmation of such physical condition.


The candidate commits to following the “Firefighter 1” training program given by the Quebec National Firefighter School, and to pass the theoretical and practical exams. 

The candidate commits to participating, at the very least, to fifty percent (50%) of the annual hours of training required, as part of the continued training program prepared by the Director, and in compliance with the National Firefighter School’s training scheme.

Probationary period

Each candidate appointed member of the Fire Department as a firefighter, will have a probationary period of twelve (12) months.  This period is equivalent to a staff assessment course and it may be extended upon the recommendation of the Director of the Fire Department.

Pre-screening procedure

The process for recruiting volunteer firefighters consists of the following stages:

Stage One - Application Process

  • Application forms will be accepted and kept on file until vacant positions are filled.  The candidates are selected among those who work or live in proximity of the fire halls, in accordance with where the vacancies are.

Stage Two – Verification of criminal history and driver’s record

  • A security verification is done and your driver’s record is also verified.

Stage Three - Interviews 

  • Interviews with candidates are done throughout the year as required, and if the number of candidates required justifies recruitment and training.
  • A physical or medical exam may be given at this stage.

Successful candidates:

  • An offer will be issued once the four stages will have been successfully met, and all the required documents will have been received.
  • The municipal Council, upon recommendations from the Director of the Fire Department, will appoint the members of the department by way of a resolution.

If you are interested in submitting your application, please send your resumé, a covering letter and other pertinent documents to the attention of the Director of the Fire Department, dsip@municipalitepontiac.ca.