Cradled between hills and rivers

Well water - in flood conditions - 2017

Water from individual wells may be contaminated after a flood and is therefore considered undrinkable until there is proof to the contrary. It can be contaminated by both river water and nearby septic systems.


The Ministry of the Environment recommends the following measures to those affected :

  • During flooding: the water from any well in a flooded area must be considered as unsafe. The affected people should be supplied with drinking water from an alternative source (eg water from a distribution system or bottled water), or must boil their water for one minute when used for ingestion or the preparation of uncooked foods.

  • After the flood: once the flood waters have permanently receded, the owner should first check the integrity of the well's equipment, in particular the electrical circuit. He should then wait a minimum of 10 days before disinfecting the well, and ensure that the results of the two sets of analysis recommended thereafter are consistent before consuming the water.


Drinking water

Drinking water is available in large quantities on the lot in front of the Depanneur Marcotte (1189 Clarendon, Quyon). This water, of excellent quality, comes from the municipality's filtration plant.