Cradled between hills and rivers

Details pertaining to flooding

Flooding: emergency measures (accomodations)

Citizens who may be in need of shelter can go to the Luskville Community Center (2024 route 148). You need to contact the following numbers before:

  • Mr. Richard Groulx 819-230-0258 (evacuation, accommodation)

  • Mr. Roger Larose 819-923-8720

We strongly recommend that people who live on the following roads immediately evacuate their residence.  Access roads may soon be closed and emergency vehicles will not be able to reach you:

  • Dion Road

  • Sapinière Road

  • du Lac Road

  • des Plages Avenue

  • du Phare Road

  • Charron Beach sector

  • Kennedy road (waterfront)



We are checking water levels very closely.  Our staff is focusing on public roads, to avoid the risk of some areas being isolated, due to the deterioration of certain roads.

Citizens who require sand bags may receive some free of charge (limited quantities) at the Town hall 819-455-2401 between 8:30 am and 4 pm.  After office hours, you may also call the following 819-664-1446 or 819-923-8720.

The sand needed to fill your bags is available at the following locations:

• Town hall (2024 Hwy 148)

• At the end of Cedarvale Road

• Dion Road

• Bord-de-l’eau Road (near civic # 129)

How to construct a barrier

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Measures to follow in the event of a flood

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Compensation measures

We have received confirmation that citizens (and businesses) of the Municipality of Pontiac affected by floods will be covered under the General financial aid program to disaster victims.

This program constitutes assistance of a last resort, particularly for repairing certain damages to main residences and essential municipal infrastructures that are not covered by insurance.  Mainly, the program offers a partial compensation to citizens whose basement (main residences only) is flooded or if their well is contaminated. 

To qualify for this program, simply leave your coordinates (name, address, phone number and a brief description of the damages) to Mrs. Meghan Lewis, Recreational and community life coordinator at the Municipality (819-455-2401 ext. 122). The Ministry of Public Security will then contact those affected, to complete the application for financial assistance.