Cradled between hills and rivers

How can you help ? - 2017


We are overwhelmed with people’s generosity… and wish to thank you, but it is difficult to manage the influx of donations (food, hygiene products, meals, clothing).

  • We ask that citizens who wish to offer products, services, or their time volunteering to simply send an email to rendle-hobbs.laura@municipalitepontiac.ca.  Your offers will be noted and matched to what the victims will need.

  • The Quyon Family Centre  (819-458-2808) and the St-Vincent-de-Paul in Luskville (Mrs. Lorraine Cousineau, 819-209-2756) can also take your donations, but their storage capacity is limited.  It is better to contact them in advance.  (No furniture is accepted for the time being).

  • Follow us on our Facebook page.  We could be appealing to your generosity for special and specific needs.