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Septic tank emptying program

The installation of septic systems is governed by the provincial regulation, Q-2, r.22.

The frequency for pumping your septic tank is required as follows :

  • Residence (year-round) =                every 2 years
  • Seasonal =                                     every 4 years
  • Retention or sealed septic tanks =  as needed (minimum once a year)

A permit for the installation of a septic system is mandatory.  Part of the cost of the permit is reimbursable upon reception of a technologist's or engineer's certificate.

For more information with respect to obtaining a permit, please make an appointment with our town planning department.

Once your septic system has been emptied, we ask that you supply a copy of your receipt to the Municipality as proof via Mrs Claire Romain info@municipalitepontiac.ca or by fax 819-455-9756, which will allow us to keep our records up to date.

Thank you for your cooperation.