Cradled between hills and rivers

Rain harvesting

The Municipality of Pontiac encourages residents to harvest rainwater for their own purposes.

Let us remember that over-consumption of drinking water leads to negative consequences, such as:  seasonal shortages because of drought, a lowering of the groundwater table, a decrease in the natural absorption of watercourses and lakes, dilution of wastewater and the deterioration of infrastructures which lead to high water loss (leaks).

Our water consumption may double during the summer months, and this is mainly because we water our lawns.

Rainwater is always at ambient temperature and chlorine-free.  A barrel to harvest rainwater allows you to either water your lawns and gardens with a watering can or by connecting a perforated or soaker hose to it.  This water is also ideal for watering flowers, plants and vegetables.

Finally and most importantly, you will be contributing to protecting the environment by conserving precious drinking water.

March 13, 2014

(Source:  Le Vélo Vert)