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New Tax credit - offered by the Quebec government



As part of the Quebec government’s new economic policy, a new tax credit is available for people who will carry out eco-responsible renovations performed by a qualified contractor.  The work must be completed by November 1st 2014.

For your information, here are certain types of work eligible:

Conservation and quality of water

  • Installation of an underground tank to harvest rainwater
  • Construction, renovation, modification or re-construction of a waste water disposal system, for the treatment of toilets or household waste water, in accordance with the requirements of the By-law pertaining to the disposal and treatment of waste water.
  • Restoration of the riparian edge in accordance with the requirements of the Policy on shores, littoral zones and floodplains.

To find out more on the subject, please see the news bulletin, click here.  (Note:  available in French only)